Community Alliance Program

The Community Alliance Program is an organizational membership-based program that brings together communities across Arizona to prevent and reduce drug use among youth. An "Alliance" is a coalition, task force or dedicated community group who is committed to substance abuse prevention. We seek community partners who will team up with us to help prevent and reduce substance abuse and become the Partnership contact for their community/county.

Currently, there are 10 Arizona counties involved in the Alliance program. Each county has shown measurable results and increasing community support through their involvement in the program.

The Partnership recognizes that every community is different and has varying needs. This program is designed to meet those varying needs by providing materials that can be localized to program members’ specifications. Materials are provided to Alliance members and each member then chooses how to utilize them in their own community.

Upon becoming an Alliance member, you receive:

  • Research based public service messages in both English and Spanish languages
  • Research based, ready to use power point presentations
  • Two comprehensive trainings per year to receive updates on the latest prevention and drug trend data and to receive new materials
  • And much more!

For more information about the Community Alliance Program, contact Thalia Williams at (602) 305-7126, ext. 3352 or 

"The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Arizona Affiliate has been incredibly supportive with quality materials that are packaged for immediate implementation. As a rural county, we usually have to beg for attention and support. Yet the one-on-one attention and response The Partnership team provides has made us feel like our investment in their programs is very well spent."           Debe Campbell, Navajo County Coalition Against Substance Abuse


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