The Story I can't Stop Watching! Why Ted Williams has captured our hearts

When I first heard "the voice" I was in another room of my house. But, having worked in the broadcast industry for a number of years, I knew unique when I heard it. I went to the television and was surprised to see the voice was coming from a homeless man with a sign that said he had fallen on hard times. My heart, like the 11 million others who have watched Ted Williams, just went out to him. I couldn't get enough of the news. I followed the story in the newspaper and I DVR'd the Today Show today so I could see the interview with Tedd and his mom. I asked others if they had heard about Ted. After being homeless, jobless and a drug addict and alcoholic, here was a man humbly gaining the national spotlight. He is a gracious and grateful man. Grateful to his mom, to God and to the man who first shot the video. He told the Today Show he just wanted a place to cook in. I hope Ted makes the most of this gift and reconnects with his family and lives a life full of happiness, joy and free from substance abuse.