Workshop Wednesday - Skittles and Spice and things not so nice ...

Think you are tuned-in to your child’s world? Take our little quiz and see! 

  1. OC, Ice, Fire, Rush, Robo, Skittles and Spice – What do these names all have in common? They are all street names for drugs.

  2. If you overhead a conversation between two kids, or saw a text message about “scoring some skittles” would you think they were talking about candy? Or would you know they were talking about a popular drug?

  3. If your kids showed you a flyer for a “Dance Party” at a warehouse and they pointed out that the flyer stated “no alcohol allowed” would you let your child attend?  Or would you know that these parties are produced by professionals and selling  the popular club drug Ecstasy.

Join us at the Parent Workshop this Saturday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am to discuss current trends in drugs and other substances popular with the tweens,  teens and young adults.  And we'll take a look at their harmful effects. Parent Workshops are held in central Phoenix on 7th Street near Thomas.

Parent Workshops are free of charge – however, space is limited so advanced registration is necessary. Call 602-264-5700 and ask for Kim or e-mail me at