Prescription Stimulants

Street Names: Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin 

Looks Like: Tablets or Capsules 

How It's Used/Abused: Swallowed, injected or snorted 

What Teens Have Heard: "Keeps you active and focused." 

Short and Long Term Effects: Taking high doses may result in dangerously high body temperatures and an irregular heartbeat. Potential for heart attacks or lethal seizures. 

Signs of Abuse: Lack of appetite, increased alertness, increased attention span, increased energy. Medicine bottles present without illness, prescription bottles missing, disrupted eating and sleeping patterns. 

Every Parent Should Know: Many teens abuse this prescribed medication to help them cram for exams or suppress their appetite. 

Talk to Your KidsFor more information on talking with teens about alcohol and other drugs, go to the Talk to Your Kids page.


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