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9 Facts About Addiction People Usually Get Wrong

35% of Canadian Teens Admit to Riding with Driver Who Had Been Drinking

A new study finds that more than 35% of Canadian high school students admit to having been in a car with a driver who had been drinking, while 20% reported ever riding with a driver who had been using marijuana.  “These numbers are concerning,” said study author Leia Minaker of the University of Waterloo. “A significant proportion of car-crash deaths are related to alcohol and drug impairment.”

Preparing for a Safe and Fun Spring Break!

For most teens, spring break is simply a time to relax, have fun, and be adventurous. Whether on vacation, just hanging out in the neighborhood, or having fun with friends, it’s important teens remain safe during spring break.

While this time will be incident free for most, for some youth time off from school poses a risk of temptation by alcohol and drugs. It is up to parents and other caring adults to discuss and guide their teens in how to stay safe when faced with hard choices about risky situations and behaviors.


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