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Syzzurp Making the News

Purple Drank, Lean and Syzzurp, these are just a few of the slang names for using a cough medicine to get high. Recently, Syzzurp made the news because of a reported connection to rapper Lil Wayne’s hospitalization. What this concoction is, is a mixture of a prescription cough syrup with codeine, soda and hard candies to add sweetness. What users may not realize is that the codeine in the cough syrup is in the same class of drugs as heroin and morphine. Codeine is an opiate pain reliever that can be addictive when used in high doses and can be deadly if too much is taken. Read more about Syzzurp Making the News

Undercover Sting Nets Largest Medical Marijuana Arrest

After a six month investigation that included undercover operations, the owner of Nature's Harvest in Payson was arrested for operating outside the Medical Marijuana Act. KPNX, 12 News, was the only station at the raid on the woman's home. The video shows the plants being grown in her home, the raid on her home and an interview. Read more about Undercover Sting Nets Largest Medical Marijuana Arrest

What is Deer Antler Spray Anyway?

This week a new drug was introduced into the performance enhancing substance arena. It's called Deer Antler spray and it's actually made from Deer Antlers and designed to build muscle. In the media frenzy leading up the to the Super Bowl there were accusations that Ray Lews used the spray (he denies it) and an admission of using the spray from golfer Vijay Singh. Read more about What is Deer Antler Spray Anyway?


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