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Instilling Responsibility

Every day we have to make decisions. No matter how old we are, we face the demand of daily decision-making and the responsibility it brings. It is a parent’s responsibility to build a foundation in their child’s life so that the child will be more likely to make healthy decisions and grow to become a confident, independent adult.  How do we accomplish this? One thing we can do is instill a strong sense of responsibility from an early age. Read more about Instilling Responsibility

E-Cigarettes –are they safe?

Electronic devices are all the rage lately, with everything from tablets to smart keys to e-cigarettes readily available on the market. Read more about E-Cigarettes –are they safe?

Rx Take-Back Day

It’s lurking in your bathroom cabinets, on your kitchen counter and maybe even on your nightstand. In Arizona, one in five 10th-graders report having used one without a doctor’s prescription (2012 Arizona Youth Survey results). What’s this close to home and dangerous to our kids? Prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

While medicine abuse is a problem in Arizona, the community has the power to make a difference. Read more about Rx Take-Back Day


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