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Parents Are Key to Keeping Teens Locked in On Being Drug and Alcohol Free

For teens, drugs and alcohol can be extremely easy to access. Parents must be aware that preventing substance use and abuse starts at home. Parents are the number one influence in a teen’s life. Therefore, it is important to guide your child by establishing clear rules about not using drugs, spending quality time with your teen, and not using tobacco or other drugs yourself.

35% of Canadian Teens Admit to Riding with Driver Who Had Been Drinking

A new study finds that more than 35% of Canadian high school students admit to having been in a car with a driver who had been drinking, while 20% reported ever riding with a driver who had been using marijuana.  “These numbers are concerning,” said study author Leia Minaker of the University of Waterloo. “A significant proportion of car-crash deaths are related to alcohol and drug impairment.”


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