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35% of Canadian Teens Admit to Riding with Driver Who Had Been Drinking

A new study finds that more than 35% of Canadian high school students admit to having been in a car with a driver who had been drinking, while 20% reported ever riding with a driver who had been using marijuana.  “These numbers are concerning,” said study author Leia Minaker of the University of Waterloo. “A significant proportion of car-crash deaths are related to alcohol and drug impairment.”

Highly addictive drugs: Heroin, Cocaine and...Prescription Drugs?

When we think about the drugs our youth are exposed to, addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine often come to mind. However, the prescription drugs stored in our medicine cabinets, night stands, and kitchen counters are as addictive, dangerous, and deadly as these street drugs.

Prescription painkillers are as addictive as heroin because they are opioids, just like heroin. To help prevent abuse and misuse, it’s advisable to keep all medicines stored in a safe and locked compartment and out of the reach of children, youth and pets.

From One Parent to Another—by Aidee Covarrubias

I'm probably one of those mothers who thinks about the dangers of drinking alcohol at an early age more than the average person. I think this is because my work has allowed me to learn about the impact alcohol can have on teenagers' brains. It also gives me the access to hear directly from many parents and guardians how difficult it can be when they face the decision on how to guide their children who are wanting to drink alcohol.


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