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Alcohol’s Many Health Impacts

Although alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth year-round, graduation season celebrations offer additional occasions for underage drinking.  According to the 2015 Monitoring the Future survey, 64% of 12th grade students have consumed alcohol in their lifetime, and 35% have consumed it within the past 30 days.  Many youth engage in binge drinking, which equates to about 4 or more drinks for women or 5 or more drinks for men, within a single occasion.

When Rewards Back-fire

What does a first-grader’s reward chart have to do with smoking a joint down the road? It’s not as much of a stretch as you might think. A strong sense of character can prepare and protect our children against the many risks facing them as they grow up, including drug and alcohol use. 

Guiding Through Graduation

Even though your teen is graduating and will soon enter adulthood with more independence, you still have a great deal of influence on the choices they make. 


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