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Binge Drinking and College Students

When discussing binge drinking with your kids, you might think about those in high school first. Make sure to also focus on students that are in transition to college. Even if your child is still not at the legal age to buy alcohol, once they get to college they will have classmates that are legally able to buy it. There is also easier access to fake ID’s. Many students come to college with established drinking lifestyles, and the transition to college might magnify this habit.

Tips for Back to School Success

Getting your kids ready for the new school year should be routine as making breakfast in the morning.  Along with the eggs and toast, don’t forget to prepare them with the skills to make safe, smart, and informed decisions. These skills are essential for them to have a positive and productive school year.    

Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks May Lead to Increased Drinking

A new study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that mixing high-caffeine energy beverages with alcohol may increase a person’s alcohol consumption. The study included 26 adults who drank alcohol and energy drinks alone and in combination over six days. The participants’ desire to drink was rated, along with their breath alcohol concentration.


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