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Setting up Teens for Summer Job Success

The summer is here and with it, many teens will land their first summertime job. This is a monumental time in a teen’s life, which should make their parents proud. Summer jobs and part-time employment can provide teens with a sense of challenge and responsibility. It’s important for teens to have these challenges and responsibilities through productive outlets, such as a summer job or volunteering. Read more about Setting up Teens for Summer Job Success

School’s Out! Oh no…SCHOOL’S OUT!

It’s the time of the year that teenagers look forward to most...summer vacation. It’s hard to beat no school, no homework and less supervision, so it’s no wonder this is a favorite time of the year for many kids. But, as their time significantly frees up and most parents still go to work every day, how can moms and dads make sure their kids are staying safe? The transition from supervision at school to no supervision during the summertime can be a challenge.

Check out these helpful tips for a safe summer: Read more about School’s Out! Oh no…SCHOOL’S OUT!

Smokeless Tobacco Update

Smokeless tobacco does not make the headlines very often these days, but the health risks remain high for users.  While many people believe it is less dangerous than using cigarettes, the risk of cancer and other diseases is still present.  Read more about Smokeless Tobacco Update


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