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Workshop Wednesday

Our workshops are filling up and we are having some great discussions.

Thank you for voting! Prop 203 Update

It appears that there is still a lot of counting to do after Tuesday's election. If you're watching and waiting for the outcome of Prop 203, you'll have to wait a little longer. It looks like we may not know for sure until November the 12th. Below is some information from Ken Bennett at the Secretary of State's Office.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were an estimated 290,000 early ballots and 84,000 provisional ballots statewide left to count.

Most of the remaining early ballots were dropped off at the polls on Election Day.

Board of Directors Urges NO Vote on Prop 203 - by Doug Hebert, board member

Community leaders including Jerry Colangelo and Michael Bidwill are urging you to vote NO on proposition 203. Known as “medical marijuana,” Prop. 203 is really about legalizing marijuana and making it widely available to everyone, including our children. “Its passage would have a devastating impact on the health and safety of Arizonans,” stated Jerry Colangelo.  

Here’s more from the experts:


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