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Workshop Wednesday - Skittles and Spice and things not so nice ...

Think you are tuned-in to your child’s world? Take our little quiz and see! 

  1. OC, Ice, Fire, Rush, Robo, Skittles and Spice – What do these names all have in common? They are all street names for drugs.

  2. If you overhead a conversation between two kids, or saw a text message about “scoring some skittles” would you think they were talking about candy? Or would you know they were talking about a popular drug?

Nice Way to Start a Monday

Time to Get Help! New Resources for Parents of Addicted Children

Finally, there is a great new resource to help parents navigate what can be the difficult process of finding professional help for a child struggling with an addiction. When parents find out their children are using drugs, confusion, anger and embarrassment are just a few of the many emotions running through their bodies. Now there is a partner for parents. Our national organization just launched a new place on their web site today called Time to Get Help.


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