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Time to Get Help! New Resources for Parents of Addicted Children

Finally, there is a great new resource to help parents navigate what can be the difficult process of finding professional help for a child struggling with an addiction. When parents find out their children are using drugs, confusion, anger and embarrassment are just a few of the many emotions running through their bodies. Now there is a partner for parents. Our national organization just launched a new place on their web site today called Time to Get Help.

Workshop Wednesdays - "It's just a little pot, right?"

This is a question we hear all too often.  Some parents like to believe that marijuana is harmless.

Unfortunately research and scientific studies indicate that marijuana has many negative side effect – including being a “gateway” for other drugs and alcohol abuse.


What do other parents think about this controversial substance?  What do the experts say? From learning issues to loss of motivation and interest, join other parents at the Parent Workshop for a discussion on how “a little pot” can affect your child.


Billboard Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to 8th grader Chloe Sipes from Buckeye, AZ. Chloe created the winning billboard in the Way out West Coalition's Prevent, Don't Provide contest. The billboard will be displayed in historic downtown Buckeye beginning December the 6th. Great job Chloe! Click here to see her artwork.


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