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Workshop Wednesday - The Teen Brain

“What were you thinking?”

Has your teen ever done anything to make you ask that question? Chances are – yes, and you probably asked other questions like “Who are you and what have you done with my nice, normal kid?”

Recent scientific research shows us that the brain is not fully developed until around age 25. The last part of the brain to develop is the area responsible for discernment, risk evaluation, and decision making. In simpler terms: common sense and good judgment.

One Sister's Love - A Christmas Story from Hannah to Zach

Imagine this: the week before Christmas, and the whole house was anticipating another hectic couple of days with all five of us together again. My brother, Josh came down from NAU earlier in that month to spend the holidays with us. Zach, would come down on the 23rd of December,   but ended up deciding to come down the next day. We all decided to go to Avatar the night of the 23rd my mom, dad, and Josh. Sometime towards the end of the movie my dad got a call and left the theater. This is what changed everything.

Workshop Wednesday - 5 "To-Do's" for this Holiday Season!

It's That time of the year again!  We are right in the middle of the Holiday Season! We hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones and are staying SAFE this season. 

It’s easy to get distracted and a bit overwhelmed with all of the extra activities, parties, shopping, traveling, and visiting with friends and family. Here are a few reminders to help keep you and your kids safe through the holidays: 


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