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Preparing for a Safe and Fun Spring Break!

For most teens, spring break is simply a time to relax, have fun, and be adventurous. Whether on vacation, just hanging out in the neighborhood, or having fun with friends, it’s important teens remain safe during spring break.

While this time will be incident free for most, for some youth time off from school poses a risk of temptation by alcohol and drugs. It is up to parents and other caring adults to discuss and guide their teens in how to stay safe when faced with hard choices about risky situations and behaviors.

Busting the Myths!

Everyone knows the truth about drugs and alcohol, right? Even as adults, we often believe what we hear or read about drugs and alcohol without question, especially when it pertains to our youth. However, it’s important we form opinions based on facts and not myths. By being correctly informed, we can assist our youth in living safer and happier lives. 

Here is a list of some common misconceptions about substance abuse and the truths that shatter those myths:

Myth: Prescription medications are safer to abuse than other drugs.

Making Doable New Year’s Resolutions

For many folks, the beginning of a new year is the time for setting new goals and making new commitments, whether is exercising more, losing weight, saving money or changing something they don’t like.  However, come February 1st many of these New Year’s resolutions are forgotten.

This year, make your New Year’s resolutions a family oriented activity and make them count!


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