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Prescribing Opioids to Children: The Dangers and Misconceptions

With the rising opioid epidemic at hand, it’s important to safely and efficiently treat chronic pain conditions, especially when it comes to children. Opioids have a similar chemical structure to heroin and have addicting properties. The misuse of opioids can have frightening effects on the body such as; an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, organ damage, seizures, and potentially death.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are trying to reduce the number of opioids prescribed to eliminate patients with chronic short and long-term pain from becoming addicted. Read more about Prescribing Opioids to Children: The Dangers and Misconceptions

Coping with School Stress

With summer vacation coming to an end for Arizona teens, it’s important to talk about a serious health threat teens are facing… Stress. Teens experience a variety of stressors in middle school and high school including, discovering who they are, bullying, homework, and social pressures. Stress can lead to many negative health outcomes, but it can also lead to drug and alcohol use. On the 2018 Arizona Youth Survey, 36% of teens that had used drugs or alcohol in the past 30 days said they used substances to deal with stress from school. Read more about Coping with School Stress

What Teens are Saying about Substance Use

Have you ever wondered how easy it is for your teen to get substances in your community? Or how often your teen is exposed to substance use? How about whether your teen would be concerned if they knew a friend was using substances? A new survey of over 1,000 teens by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has answered these questions and more for you. Read more about What Teens are Saying about Substance Use


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