Setting up Teens for Summer Job Success

The summer is here and with it, many teens will land their first summertime job. This is a monumental time in a teen’s life, which should make their parents proud. Summer jobs and part-time employment can provide teens with a sense of challenge and responsibility. It’s important for teens to have these challenges and responsibilities through productive outlets, such as a summer job or volunteering.

These new challenges will also provide opportunities for kids to make good decisions. These challenges might include being around older coworkers, who may provide access to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. This is a chance for your teen to overcome the challenge by choosing to stay away from those situations. Another challenge for your teen can include making their own earnings and then having the availability to buy such substances. Again, this is an opportunity for your teen to choose responsible spending and saving. It’s good to openly talk to your teen about these potential situations so that you can help them make responsible decisions. Here are some examples of ways parents can help make their teen’s first job a positive experience:

·  Have problem prevention talks before your child begins their employment

·  Set clear expectations regarding a no-use family policy

·  Rehearse with your teen ways they can say no if offered drugs, tobacco or alcohol

·  Maintain open communication

·  Monitor and limit the number of hours worked

·  Track their academic performance

These reasonable prevention strategies will allow parents to help guide their teens without shielding them from healthy experiences. Holding a summer job is an experience that will help a teen mature and grow to become a successful, well-prepared, independent person.