Juuling: What You Need to Know

Electronic cigarettes are nothing new to the youth and adults in our community.  Over the past few years the use of e-cigarettes and “vaping” has steadily increased.  The new craze in the electronic cigarette world is a brand named Juul.  Juul is unlike other electronic cigarettes on the market because of the way it looks.  To an individual that has never seen a Juul, it may look like a high tech USB drive meant to contain their teen’s important school documents.  In reality this USB looking device is used by inserting a small cartridge that contains oils.  These oils are then turned into vapor when an individual inhales from it.  Each cartridge insert contains about 200 puffs, this equates to approximately one pack of cigarettes.

“Juuling” is a concerning issue for the youth in our community because the Juul comes in flavors that are appealing to teens, including mint and mango.  According to the Truth Initiative, all Juul products contain nicotine, which is not only addictive but also impacts brain development.  In addition youth who use Juul are more likely to smoke regular cigarettes than their peers that do not use Juul.  What is shocking is that 63% of Juul users did not know or realize that the product contains nicotine.

As a parent it is important to talk with and educate your children about the risks of vaping and nicotine and to remain vigilant to any changes in attitude or behavior.  If you would like more information on Juuling and nicotine please click here.