Time to Get Help! New Resources for Parents of Addicted Children

Finally, there is a great new resource to help parents navigate what can be the difficult process of finding professional help for a child struggling with an addiction. When parents find out their children are using drugs, confusion, anger and embarrassment are just a few of the many emotions running through their bodies. Now there is a partner for parents. Our national organization ThePartnershipatDrugFree.org just launched a new place on their web site today called Time to Get Help. It's the first of its kind resource to help parents in crisis navigate teen drug and alcohol treatment. Consider these stats.

  • 2 million teens between 12 and 17 need treatment
  • 90% DON'T GET IT! 

Why? Many reasons, but largely because their parents and families don’t know where to turn, or weave through trial and error as they try to find right treatment for their child’s addiction. 

  • If you do a Google search for “teen drug problem,” you find 300,000 results. 
  • If you do a Google search for “drug treatment,” the number climbs to more than 31 million.

Finally, there is a one stop shop for parents to work through the process of finding treatment. One parent called the new site the "best start a parent could ask for!"